How to be more organised

People often say to me:

‘You’re so organised’

‘You’re the most organised person I’ve ever met’

‘How can I be more organised?’

So I’ve decided to write this blog, to share just three of my favourite tips.

Like anything else in life, we have to put the effort in to get results. Ever heard the phrase ‘if we fail to prepare we prepare to fail.’ Well this phrase is very relevant to being organised or not!

Therefore, yes you guessed it – planning is at the core of each and every one of my tips that I’m about to share!  

Tip 1 – Looking Ahead

Look ahead a week, a month, a year – it’s all coming up and no one wants to miss a deadline or a loved one’s birthday!

So let’s ease in slowly and first find somewhere to record all the deadlines and ‘things to do’, so that we can start our planning. If you are tech savvy, then I recommend using an Outlook calendar. If you are a fan of the traditional paper diary, then let’s get shopping. There are dairies out there to suit all tastes and budgets.

Now you are ready to begin, start by noting down all deadlines, birthdays, anniversaries and bank holidays. Where relevant note down a month before the official deadline that the particular deadline is due to come up in one month.

For example

05 July – MOT expiries/ 05 June – MOT expiries one month from today

This gives you a month to book in before it expiries! The same trick can be used for birthdays or anything you need to prepare for. If a partner’s birthday is due on the 22 December, you could put another note in on the 22 November to buy a card, present and book a table/ plan a celebration. This one can be particularly useful if a birthday or celebration is close to a national celebration when it could be hard to book a table (as an example) closer to the time.

Tip 2 – The Finer Details

Now you have recorded all dates and even have a month’s preparation time (where applicable), now it’s time to look at the finer details. This can include things like transport, travel time, outfits, hotel, event details, invitations, etc.

For any future commitments it’s always worth making sure you factor in some travel time to ensure you have  enough time to comfortably travel there and back as well as having transport and overnight accommodation booked (if required).

When considering logistics always ensure you make optimal use of your time.

Often prior commitments, especially events, require us to take along our invitation or tickets. As a PA my all-time favourite stationery item for this function is a Bring Forward File.

There is a section for each day of the month, you simply put the relevant paperwork in for the day it’s required. Couldn’t be more…straight forward – excuse the pun!

Tip 3 – Food Prep

Whatever we are doing from day to day, one thing is for sure – we have to eat!

This is where food preparation comes in. It not only allows you the opportunity to decide in advance if you want to try and maintain a healthy diet, but also having food there and ready when we are busy more often than not means you can save some pennies.

Yes food preparation does mean you may lose a bit of time at the weekend or the night before to actually do the preparation. However, it makes all the difference when you are ready to hit the ground running the next day!

If you don’t have the spare time to prepare your food in advance or aren’t sure what meal plan suits your particular body goals, then there are lots of companies that will do the prep for you! My go-to is Musclefood, as the food is all prepped for me, delivered to my door and I know what I’m eating aligns with my fitness goals.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and that these three tips will help you get started on your journey to becoming super organised.

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